Yyteri BCT 14×28 Flat (2023)


Yyteri is our all-round board for fitness, touring, and occasional racing for those who do not feel like stocking several boards for various needs.

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Yyteri 14×28 BCT Flat

Yyteri is our most versatile design – designed to be the one board for all purposes. Its all-water rocker, non-dugout deck and high-volume bow make it ideal for short touring trips, fun paddling in beach breaks as well as occasional racing. If you want to use your board for all kinds of activities or are just not sure what is your thing – Yyteri is a perfect choice for you.

Our BCT -construction is having a beautiful bamboo deck and carbon reinforced rails and bottom. The board is strong, light and it just looks stunning. Deckpad is soft ad grippy crocodile pattern (except tail which is having a diamond pattern to notice you when you are about to fall off from the end of the board).

Board features several attachment points at the front and back and has lockable, sturdy handle to carry/lock the board.


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