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Just like our boards, our paddles are made to last. We use only the highest quality materials in our paddles. Even though we believe everyone should go for (or at least test) a 1 -piece paddle, we do understand that sometimes it’s just not a viable solution (for instance as a spare paddle in long touring trips). For that reason we offer options for 2 and 3 -piece paddles in our Yyteri Endurance paddle.

Our 2 and 3 -piece paddles are using very intuitive non-twist extension mechanism and paddle lenght can be read directly from the paddle shaft when extending it – so no more arbitrary scale but actual length of the paddle.


Otsoboards paddle collection

Aura Carbon 100

Our highest performing full pre-preg carbon paddle optimal for racing, fitness or fast touring. Available in 1-piece only.


Yyteri Carbon Kevlar

A strong carbon endurance paddle with kevlar reinforcements for long tours and more lower cadence paddling. Available in 3 configurations.


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Feedback from the waves

“I love the Yyteri paddle’s relaxed feeling. Paddle is having a good flex, it’s tear drop shape makes it very easy to use – a nice catch and release is very clean – my go to paddle on touring use.”

- Kai Ruuskanen, Otsoboards Founder, Espoo

“Aura 100 paddle is lightweight and responsive paddle that could be used even for racing – so a perfect paddle for high performance touring and fitness use.”

Nico Hoffren, Vantaa


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